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The Brucie Birthday box

The Brucie Birthday box


It's time to celebrate that special someone and by someone I mean your gorgeous woof!


All dogs deserve a pawsome Brucie birthday box on their birthday that is 100% drool worthy, full of tasty treats and even comes with a party hat and balloons!


The Brucie box includes - 

3 birthday bones

3 breed biscuits

4 Personlised cookies with age and name

2 Jammie dodgers

2 Custard creams

2 Pawty ring

2 Party hat biscuits

1 Pupcake  popbiscuit

1 party hat

balloons x 3



  • Ingredients

    Chickpea flour

    Oat milk

    Dog friendly peanut butter

    Dog friendly yoghurt/milk based icing

    Baking soda

    Baking powder 

  • use by

    Please consume pupcake within 3 days 

  • Store

    Please store in an air tight container 

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