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Broken Biscuits

Broken Biscuits


I drop and break so many biscuits and there are some that I feel that are just not up to scratch to post out to your little woofs! I also really do not like waste so I made the broken box for your little woofs. These treats can be used as training treats or spinkled on their dinner or why not share them with your fur friends.


£1 of every sale of the broken box will go to charity! 


This box will include broken biscuits only.

These will not come in a bag only a box.

  • Ingredients

    Chickpea flour

    Oat milk

    Dog friendly peanut butter 

    Analytical constituents

    Moisture 10.95%

    oil 18.34%

    Ash 2.49%

    Protein 23.27%

    Fibre 1.28%

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